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Connecticut Rail

Connecticut already has two successful rail systems in its New Haven Line (and spurs) to New York City and its Shore Line East line from New London. With the imminent opening of the high-speed rail line from New Haven to Springfield, Connecticut could benefit hugely from greater awareness of how unified its rail system is for commuters across the state.

Challenges presented in the sheer amount of information necessary to present on the map. These routes encompass a large number of stops, which would have been difficult to present without too much geographic distortion if the main spur lines were completely horizontal. Tilting the perspective 30° allowed me to fit more stops in, but also forced me to be comfortable with stop names running over into different color areas. Further, the map had to cover a large amount of space, even if the routes don't serve an equal amount of space (see the northeast and northwest corners of the state). Here was another area where I sacrificed geographic accuracy in the name of legibility and usability. Finally, Roboto offered an unconventional choice for a transit map, but which played an important role in increasing legibility. The font reads particularly well in small, dense areas without losing legibility. The added benefit of feeling both contemporary and friendly helps reinforce the brand. Next project is to (obviously) develop new branding for CT Rail.

A previous version was featured on Cameron Booth's spectacular transit maps blog.