Making things.

Digital Design

Digital design is where I first cut my teeth in graphic design. I joined the Chris Murphy for Senate (2012) campaign to do digital fundraising, but was also responsible for maintaining our social media channels — and trying to use them as a way to raise more money and find more volunteers. At the DSCC, I created email callouts and infographics. At GEO, I've had the opportunity to create my fair share of graphics, while also moving into an art direction role — managing an up-and-comer in producing many of our graphics — and focusing more on building tools used by staff.

Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (2013 – 14)

At the DSCC, we primarily focused on Facebook for our social media campaigns. This was around the same time that Facebook changed its algorithm and made it difficult for pages to get traffic organically. These are some of the ones that broke through the noise — this one, for instance, got 7.2k likes and 1.4k shares.


This share graphic, which linked to a petition to raise the minimum wage, got 10k likes and 3k shares.


The GIF was one of a set used in a fundraising email. This was at the beginning of the trend of image-based political emails, and was one of our better performing endeavors. 



Grantmakers for Effective Organizations (2014 – 17)

At GEO, we primarily focused on Twitter, using social share graphics to better engage thought leaders and influencers in our content.

Both of these images were used to launch GEO's redesigned website in April, 2017. The social campaign tied to launch helped propel us to our second best day of traffic since the website was launched in 1999. 


As part of GEO's website launch, we launched a new brand system — one that brought brighter colors and more faces of our community. This is an example of one of the new email templates I created. This is for our content newsletter, Discover, which goes to our full list.


2012 – 2017